DL Workshop in Athens

Athens Metro

For the last couple of days I’ve been staying in Athens for a workshop on Description Logic. Our hotel was very cheap (30 EUR per night for a single room with ensuite bathroom), and the reason for this turns out to be that the hotel is in a slightly shady neighbourhood. I’m not too bothered by this though. The hotel is nice, and I’m staying there with three colleagues, so I don’t have to walk around there alone after dark, which I wouldn’t be all to happy to do. Aside from that, the hotel is very close to the Technopolis, which is the venue for the workshop, and to Acropolis and Monastiraki, where there are many cosy alleys and restaurants.

Magnificent crane. (Background: Temple of Acropolis.)

Magnificent crane. (Background: Temple of Acropolis.)

Yesterday, there was a social dinner for the workshop, which was held at a restaurant by the Vouliagmeni Lake. A lake that is a mix of sea water and spring water. The water was very pleasant, and the food was magnificent. Tomorrow, we leave Athens and go to Rhodes to the Optique Plenary meeting and a few days vacation.

When I have some spare time, I’m working on a post about representing irrational numbers using finite resources. It’ll be ready in a couple of days.