Master’s Thesis: The Tree-witness Ontology Rewriting with Perfect Mappings

In industry relying on Big Data, accessing relevant information is a serious challenge. Ontology Based Data Access (OBDA) is a Big Data access technology based on a conceptual model (called the ontology) of the domain of interest. The data in the sources are linked to the ontology using mappings between queries over the data sources and queries in the ontology language. The ontology can be adapted to fit the users need, and any number of heterogeneous sources can be mapped to a single ontology. The advantage of OBDA is most apparent when there is a large distance between the desired conceptual model of the data and the structure of the data sources.

This thesis is about the mapping between sources and ontology. More specifically, about the stage where a query is modified to account for properties of the conceptual model. The full thesis can be downloaded here.